The diet mistakes almost everyone makes

November 2 2007 day 22 – Who’s your sugar daddy?
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Here’s a question for you. Take a look at the photograph above. There’s Splenda, Stevia, Aspartame and Sugar. Which sweetener should a Diabetic choose?
If you didn’t choose sugar, you’re in for a surprise. Contrary to popular belief, diabetics can consume foods containing sugar. The advent of fast acting insulin, combined with the knowledge of knowing how many grams of carb. are contained in a food item, makes it much easier for an insulin dependent diabetic to indulge in the occasional sweet treat. Artificial sweeteners do help, because they serve as a substitute for sugar, and avoid spikes in blood sugar. But the next time you see a diabetic indulging in a sweet goody, go easy on them. Chances are, they are" covering that food with insulin".

There is no cure for diabetes, yet.

The diet mistakes almost everyone makes
"Eating too many carbs at breakfast leads to spikes in insulin levels and sets you up for cravings later in the day," Samit said. "It's best to have protein and healthy fats in the morning. "An omelette (with the yolk), or a smoothie blended with …

The diet mistakes almost everyone makes, according to a nutritionist
When it comes to the eating habits, there's always room for improvement. To help us get a handle on what to eat and what not to eat, we consulted Alexandra Samit, Be Well health coach at Dr. Frank Lipman's famed Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, for the …
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Stevia First: Reinventing Nutrition by Replacing Sugar
At reasonable doses, insulin resistance levels also degrade with fructose consumption, which leads to an increase of fasting plasma glucose levels and amplifies the damage caused by other foods. Both of these dynamics can lead to many of the symptoms …

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